“Immerse yourself in a life that moves you, because what you surround yourself with is what becomes your life. “

_ Topaz _


FIRE & ICE  $80 (Retail $100)
Infrared Sauna and Full Body Cryotherapy
Weight loss, muscle recovery, detox and beautiful skin.

BEAUTY FIRE & ICE $80 (Retail $100)
Celluma Light Therapy and Cryo Facial
Reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles, increases collagen production.

EARTH & ICE $90 (Retail $120)
Halotherapy and Full Body Cryotherapy
Addresses skin issues and is also a great anti-inflammatory treatment.

WATER & ICE $115 (Retail $150)
Floatation Therapy and Full Body Cryotherapy
Enhances mood, boosts immune functions, boosts metabolism, increases production of endorphins

ULTIMATE FIRE & ICE $145 (Retail $197)
One hour Fit Bodywrap, Celluma Light with facial mask and Full Body Cryotherapy
This is our weight loss package.  Burn calories and detoxify your body.

 FIRE, WATER & ICE $130 (Retail $170)
45 minutes infrared solo dome session with 30 minutes NanoVI Technology and finish the last 15 minutes with a Cryo facial. Great for detox, chronic pain, improved cellular activity, beautiful skin , relaxation and more energy!