We have compiled some frequently asked questions for our InShape Body Shaping treatment.  You will also find a  short list of contraindications for the InShape Body Shaping treatment as well.  If you do not see an answer to your question, please contact us for more information.  We are not able to provide medical guidance to you on existing conditions you may have, and we recommend that you contact your physician if you are not sure if the treatment will interfere with your situation.
What is Electromagnetic treatment?

Electromagnetic treatment utilizes powerful electric impulses generated by electromagnetic fields. This technology stimulates the muscles and induces related body metabolism. The impulses generated induce forced muscular contractions resulting in more toned and firm muscles.

Are there any limitations to results based on body size?

For best results, it is suggested to have a BMI less than 24 for certain treatments. In the case of a BMI >25, additional services, such as Cryo T-Shock, are recommended.

How long is the treatment session?

Each session is 30 minutes long

What body areas can be targeted?

The arms, abs, buttocks, thighs, and hamstrings can be targeted.


Please read contraindications carefully on website and/or on waiver prior to treatment to ensure you are able to participate.

InShape treatments should not be performed under the following conditions:
Clients with metal or electrical implants or devices
Over abdomen during menstruation or ovulation
Clients with fever, epilepsy, hemorrhagic conditions, malignant tumor, recent surgery, pulmonary insufficiency, or pregnancy
Nursing mothers
Clients who had brain damage or brain surgery
Over bleeding, swollen, infected, or inflamed areas